gochisou は食をテーマにデザインするテキスタイルブランドです。私たちの身近にある“テキスタイル”と、人間が生きていく上で欠かせない“食”とが結びつき、普段意識されない“食”に対する態度や考え方、興味を持つきっかけとなるようなテキスタイルを提案しています。


We have the word “ご馳走(gochisou)" in Japanese.

It means delicious meals, or treating guests with delicious meals.Our textile brand,gochisou,would like to encourage people to have the chance to rethink the attitude or the way of thinking toward meals.Could you imagine delicious meals with textiles whose designs stimulate your appetite? The design of textiles can be flesh bread,tasty beans, seasonal foods, and others. I hope people who use our textile will forget how busy you are, and cherish the wonderful time eating delicious meals with your precious person.

In the future, I'd also like to make this project bigger through gochisou textile. That wish includes more people would be interested in local and seasonal foods, then, they might not only enjoy eating but also grow vegetables, cook something, and share them with local people.

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